Party Rules

Please keep in mind that we'll be gathering in a public place, so public laws/etc apply: That means no fires or drunk and disorderly conduct will be allowed. We'll be mighty disappointed if the boys in blue show up.

Compo Rules

There will be three competitions: Music, Graphics, Demo

Your entry should be prevously unreleased material and your own work.

All entries will be released on under the relevant Creative Commons licence.

A bonus system has been put in place to encourage oldschool & demoscene style productions. The bonuses listed increase the votes for that entry by the specified percentage - ie. +50% means each vote is worth 1.5 for that production, +100% means each vote is worth 2!

Remote entries are allowed, send them to

All remote entries MUST be receieved the day before beachparty 2010 (26/3/10).

You may enter more than once into any compo, however organisers may ask you to only submit one in the unlikely event we're swamped with entries.

Demo compo (wild)

Max run time 7 minutes.

All videos/demos accepted.

We will have Amiga/c64/PC hardware on the day. Demos for other platforms should be captured to video beforehand, or bring a laptop. We'll have a PC laptop core2duo/XP/geforce8400M on the day - obviously the GPU fill rate is slower than on a desktop.

Videos should be in DivX or Xvid format.


Music compo

Max length 5 minutes.

Chiptunes and tracked music only!

There are a couple of points of note for newskool trackers (Psycle/buzz/VST/etc) ... the bonuses won't apply as it wouldn't be fair to traditional tracker users. You may bring an MP3 of your track, but please also submit the source file.


Graphics compo

Max res 800x600. Max ANSI/ASCII size 80x24 (Amiga), 80x50 (MS-DOS).


If you dare to complain about the rules, do so here: =)