Beachparty 2009 News


Beachparty 2009 is now over!

A huge thank you to all who turned up and especially those who entered the competitions. We hope you all had a great time, and look forward to doing it all again next year!

We're still collecting a couple of last minute music entries, but you can download productions at and once we have the stragglers, we'll upload it all to as well.

Full results are available here!

Beachparty 2009 Results

Graphics Competition
1       Beachparty '09 ANSI by Ozzy    
2       Beachparty '09 ASCII by Ozzy   
3       Graphics, Token by An4kiR      
4       Twofaced Girl by Raven/Nuance  

Music Competition
1       Guru Meditation by An4kiR    
2       Duty by 10K                  
3       Party Time by cTrix          
4       FBY Piano Sound by FBY       
5       Theme from Jump Goat         
5       Ooh Ooh Baby Baby by An4kiR  
6       House Beer by cTrix (*)

* withdrawn before the compo so it wasn't played, but
we couldn't remove it from the crappy vote-system and
it actually got votes ;)         

Combined Demo Competition
1       Not a Scene Production by WOW
2       Beach09 by Kaolin            
3       BITS580 by BITS              


The location has been announced, and we're pretty much all set to go.

Don't forget that if you can't be there to hand your entry in on the 28th, email it to us by the 27th! (beachparty at

You may also upload your entry via anonymous FTP to ... Note that this is write only access, so you won't see you file there once it has transferred. Also, don't forget to email us to tell us what you've uploaded!

Hope to see you there!


One astute reader noted that we hadn't even given which state we're running this party in. A little bit of an oversight, right? =) It will be in the vicinity of Melbourne, Victoria!

We're still working away behind the scenes for beachparty '09... a brand new gazebo was purchased, trophies are being designed.

We visited the proposed party place last week and it's all looking good. The location will be posted closer to the event!

The rules page has been tweaked slightly. No huge changes, although it may be worth reading through them again.


C64 people please note:

ALIH is bringing his super awesome 1541 ultimate cart which we'll be using for playback of all C64 stuff. That means .PRG or .D64 is the preferred format for your entries. We will still accept entries on disk, but we'll be copying them off anyway so please save us the trouble ;)


We have confirmed party dates: 28th and 29th of March 2009!

An invitation intro has been released for ECS Amiga (1mb chip, WB2.x). Grab it here! An NFO file is also available here.

This site is still not quite stylised, but is functional enough! Expect it to become more l33t as the weeks go by.

Not all of the details are finalised yet, but use the sign up link above to be kept up to date with any developments.